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  • Halvorsen, Thomas; Nyhus, Ole Henning; Haraldsvik, Marianne; Dyrstad, Karin; Mandal, Roland. (2015) Evaluering av Oslo kommnes kriteriesystem. 2015. ISBN 9788214059786. SINTEF Rapport (A27210).
  • Haraldsvik, Marianne; Bonesrønning, Hans. (2012) Influences on Educational Outcomes: Tree Essays on the Role of Parents, Peers and Choice. 2012. ISBN 9788247140208.
  • Borge, Lars-Erik; Haraldsvik, Marianne. (2009) Efficiency potential and determinans of efficiency: An analysis of the care for the elderly sectot in Norway. 2009. Working Paper Series at Department of Economics, NTNU (4/2009).
  • Bonesrønning, Hans; Borge, Lars-Erik; Haraldsvik, Marianne; Strøm, Bjarne. (2008) Ressurser og resultater i grunnopplæringen: Forprosjekt. 2008. SØF rapport (4/2008).