Background and activities

Ph.D.-candidate in the project Lean Operations. I focus on multinational challenges for the Norwegian working life model and industrial relations.

Bachelor in social sciences, major in psychology and sociology (NTNU). Mastersdegree in sosiologi (NTNU).

Subjects of interest: organisation, leadership, working-life, corporate social responsibility, industrial realations and more.


Faculty representative 2, SVT-faculty (2005), Vice-president for organizational Issues, Student Parilament NTNU (2006). Board member (2009-10) and chairman of the board at Studentsamskipnaden i Trondheim (2010-2011). Member of NOKUTs committee of experts for evaluation of quality assuranse systems (2007-2011).

Other engagements:

Participant and facilitator for Center for Transformative Learning, 2008 - 2012.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts. See all publications in the database


  • Aasprong, Marius Lervåg; Leiulfsrud, Håkon. (2012) Uncovering Corporate Social Responsibility: Deparadoxation of Power in the CSR-Discourse. 2012.
  • Salvesen, Helge; Haraldseid, Gunn; Rovio-Johanson, Airi; Welle-Strand, Anne; Aasprong, Marius Lervåg. (2011) Evaluering av system for kvalitetssikring av utdanningen ved Universitetet i Agder Rapport fra sakkyndig komité. 2011.
  • Salvesen, Helge; Haraldseid, Gunn; Rovio-Johansson, Airi; Welle-Strand, Anne; Aasprong, Marius Lervåg. (2011) NOKUTs tilsynsrapporter: Evaluering av system for kvalitetssikring av utdanning ved Universitetet i Agder. 2011.