Background and activities

I am postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Historical Studies at NTNU since 2015. In 2014, I obtained my PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam in economic and business history. My thesis was awarded best dissertation of 2014-2015 by the European Business History Association in 2016. I hold a BA in history and an MA in Media & Journalism from the Erasmus University. My interests are mainly in business history and transnational history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, comprising themes such as foreign direct investment, political risk, business and war, the history of the oil industry, and the history of commodity trading.  

Currently I am working on the research project The hidden companies of the global economy: the development of international commodity traders, 1945-2015, funded among others by the Norwegian Research Council. My focus is on the history of independent oil trading firms, in particular their origins, evolution and impact on the global flow of oil since the mid-1960s.

I am an elected member of the board of the European Business History Association since 2018.  

My latest book: Multinational Enterprise and Transnational Regions

Multinational Enterprise and Transnational Regions

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Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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