Background and activities

Bachelor's and Master's degrees in political science from the University of Oslo, Master's thesis written at the Peace Research Institute Oslo.

Mainly quantatitative conflict science

Currently working on:

- Out of sample evaluation in conflict models - An analysis of evaluation methods for conflict prediction models. Focuses on how data splitting affects evaluation outcomes, and touches on the use of different metrics for measuring predictive power.

- Local effects of weather shocks in Sub-Saharan Africa - An analysis of climatic effects on urbanization. I attempt to replicate previous studies that find that precipitation shocks increase urbanization rates on a national level, and expand by examining whether the results hold on a local level using disaggregated data.

Communal violence, food production and institutions - A quantitative study of the effect of droughts on the occurrence of communal violence in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the potential mitigating effect of traditional institutions.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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  • Smidt, Martin; Luca, Vernaccini; Peter, Hachemer; Tom, de Groeve. (2016) The Global Conflict Risk Index (GCRI): Manual for data management and product output. European Commission Joint Research Centre. 2016. ISBN 978-92-79-58227-1. EUR.