Background and activities

Experience in modeling on different scales and methods (QM, DFT, MD, Continuum Scale) and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Current research activities include immiscible two-phase flow in porous media and thermomigration in alloys.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications



  • Winkler, Mathias; Gjennestad, Magnus Aashammer; Sinha, Santanu; Hansen, Alex. (2018) Constitutive Relations for a New Theoretical Framework Describing 2-Phase-Flow in Porous Media. Interpore 10th annual meeting . International Society for Porous Media; New Oleans. 2018-05-14 - 2018-05-17.
  • Winkler, Mathias; Kjelstrup, Signe. (2018) The Role of the Interface in Thermomigration in Alloys. 20th Symposium on Thermophysical Properties . National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); Boulder, Colorado. 2018-06-24 - 2018-06-29.
  • Winkler, Mathias; Harnes, Jarle; Abu-samha, Mahmoud; Børve, Knut J.. (2015) The structure of mixed molecular clusters from photoelectron spectroscopy and computational modeling. 11th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF COMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN SCIENCES AND ENGINEERING. Symposium on Computational Chemistry. . Prof. T. E. Simos; Athens. 2015-03-20 - 2015-03-23.
  • Harnes, Jarle; Winkler, Mathias; Abu-Samha, Mahmoud Ahmad M.; Børve, Knut J.; Sæthre, Leif J; Andreas, Lindblad. (2009) Large polarization-induced cluster-to-monomer shifts in C1s XPS ionization energy of neutral of CS2 Clusters. NANOMAT Conference 2009 and satellite-meetings . Forskningsrådet; Lillehammer. 2009-06-15 - 2009-06-19.
  • Winkler, Mathias; Bergersen, Henrik; Abu-Samha, Mahmoud Ahmad M.; Harnes, Jarle; Lindblad, Andreas; Sæthre, Leif J; Børve, Knut J.. (2009) Neutral Binary Cluster of CF4/CH4 Studied by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy. NANOMAT Conference 2009 and Satellite Meetings . Norges Forskningsrådet; Lillehammer. 2009-06-15 - 2009-06-19.