Background and activities

Research Scientist at Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research (CEMIR) & K.G. Jebsen Center for Myeloma Research, Unit for Cell Biology

My research focuses on basic mechanisms of innate immunity. In particular, I am interested in how signaling pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) recognize and respond to microbial and endogenous components, and how this shapes the subsequent immune response. I am currently interested in how PRR signaling affects cancer progression, with emphasis on Multiple Myeloma and colorectal cancer.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Bugge, Marit; Nilsen, Nadra J.; Espevik, Terje. (2016) Toll-Like Receptor 3 Signaling in Intestinal Epithelial Cells. 2016. ISBN 978-82-326-1492-9.
  • Nilsen, Nadra; Espevik, Terje; Lien, Egil. (2008) Toll-like receptor 2 expression, regulation and signaling. Tapir Akademisk Forlag. 2008. ISBN 978-82-471-1072-0.