Background and activities

I am currently affiliated as postdoctoral fellow at Norwegian university for science and technology NTNU funded by European research consortium (ERCIM).

I have worked  as an assistant lecturer at the Alexandria institute of technology (AIT) from 2000-2009, and as a assistant professor at the Arab academy for science, technology, and maritime transport (AASTMT) from 2010 to 2017 in Alexandria, Egypt. Also Worked as a visiting professor at both university center in Kjeller (UNIK) 2012 and Westerdals Oslo ACT in 2018 in Oslo, Norway. 

I got my Ph.D in electrical engineering and electro physics  from the faculty of engineering, Alexandria university, Egypt in 2010. 

My research addressed wireless communication systems and was mostly working on the MAC layer using signal processing including signal detection and estimation, cooperative and cognitive transmission/receiving, channel estimation and noise cancellation. I have also worked on image processing and addressed watermarking, stenography, change and motion detection. 

My current research work addresses machine learning with a special focus on algorithms learning and  modelling in real-time for different types of data. 

I Have published a number of scientific papers and articles in international conferences and journals. I have received the young scientists award from the union radio scientific international (URSI) in 2011. 

I have served as a reviewer, TPC, track chair, and as member of editorial board for a number of International journals and conferences including Radio science journal, Personal wireless communications, IEEE communication letters, optics letters, and IEEE vehicular technology conference VTC.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

Journal publications