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  • Szczygiel, Przemyslaw; Roven, Hans Jørgen; Simensen, Christian; Reiso, Oddvin. (2006) Microstructural development of "recycled-like" alloys during ECAP: Particle break-up,microstructure evolution and mechanical properties". The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society. 2006. ISBN 978-0-87339-628-8.

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  • Andersen, Sigmund Jarle; Marioara, Calin Daniel; Friis, Jesper; Bjørge, Ruben; Du, Qiang; Ringdalen, Inga Gudem; Wenner, Sigurd; Mørtsell, Eva Anne; Holmestad, Randi; Saito, Takeshi; Røyset, Jostein; Reiso, Oddvin. (2017) Directionality and Column Arrangement Principles of Precipitates in Al-Mg-Si-(Cu) and Al-Mg-Cu Linked to Line Defect in Al. The 15th International Conference on Aluminium Alloys.
  • Benum, Steinar Johansen; Mortensen, Dag; Fjær, Hallvard Gustav; Øverlie, Hilde-Gunn; Reiso, Oddvin. (2013) On the mechanism of surface cracking in DC Cast 7xxx and 6xxx extrusion ingot alloys. Essential Readings in Light Metals, Cast Shop for Aluminum Production, Vol. 3.
  • Andersen, S.J.; Marioara, C.D.; Torsæter, Malin; Bjørge, Ruben; Ehlers, Flemming J H; Holmestad, Randi; Reiso, Oddvin; Røyset, Jostein. (2010) Behind Structure and Relation of Precipitates in Al-Mg-Si and Related Alloys. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Aluminium Alloys (ICAA12).