Background and activities

Starting from a broad engineering and natural sciences bachelor programme, I have specialized myself in fluid dynamics. I wrote my PhD thesis on an experimental study on drag of wall-bounded flows in the groups of Detlef Lohse and Rob Lammertink at the University of Twente in The Netherlands. I have experience working with complex setups and machinery, both on the large scales at which turbulence is typically studied, and on the smaller scale from working with microfluidic devices.

Right now I work with Jason Hearst and Masoud Asadi on scalar mixing in turbulence, where we use the large water channel in combination with a turbulence generating active grid. Next to this I am involved in other projects, where we for instance are looking into turbulence decay over long periods of time, the influence of turbulence on the transfer rate of dissolving oxygen at the gas-liquid interface (both with Jason Hearst), the existence of multiple states in the bulk flow of a Von Kármán mixing tank (with James Dawson and Farid Aligolzadeh), and am responsible for setting up an internal seminar series.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

Journal publications