Background and activities

My research interests are focused primarily on the analytical and fundamental aspects of the Casimir effect, which describes the modification of the vacuum state in the presence of macroscopic objects. I have explored problems on how the vacuum energy falls under gravity; Casimir interactions between weakly interacting dielectric objects; the Casimir repulsion arising due to the geometry of interacting objects and the anisotropy in the material properties of the interacting objects; infinitesimally thin 2-dimensional objects described using $\delta$-function potential interacting with electromagnetic field; and investigation of the divergences appearing in the vacuum energy in the presence of the spatially varying background potential, and its renormalization. 

FRINATEK Project at NTNU: FRINATEK project 250346 funded by Norwegian Research Council from 2016-2019.

"Casimir effect and van der Waals forces in multilayer systems" 

Project Manager:
Prof. Iver Brevik (NTNU). 

Dr. Mathias Boström (UiO+NTNU) 
Prof. Clas Persson (UiO) 
Prof. Johan Hoye (NTNU) 
Prof. Stefan Buhmann (Germany) 
Prof. Kimball Milton (USA) 
Prof. Barry W. Ninham (Australia) 
Dr. Oleksandr I. Malyi (Singapore) 
Dr. Kristian Berland (UiO) 
Dr. Prachi Parashar (NTNU) 
Dr. K. V. Shajesh (USA) 
Dr. Drew F. Parsons (Australia) 
Dr. Eduardo Lima (Brazil) 

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Coming workshop 
JUNE 2018: NTNU will host a combined workshop and summer school on the Casimir Effect:Theory and Applications.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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