Background and activities

Dr. Tiller holds a PhD in Political Science, with a focus on marine and coastal interdisciplinary research at all levels of analysis, from local stakeholders to international regimes. Her expertise is in governance, policy mitigation and stakeholder adaptation, stakeholder driven future scenario building and qualitative based/quantitative output methodologies of Systems Thinking, Bayesian Belief Networks and Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping (FCM). Her background also includes valuable experience working in international and inter-disciplinary consortiums, both US, EU and NRC. She is a Fulbright Scholar and a recipient of the Leiv Eirksson Mobility Fund for 2011-2012 for an inter-disciplinary project in Southern California.


NRC 2016-2019: REGIMES: An interdisciplinary investigation into scenarios of national and intl conflicts in the Svalbard zone under a changing climate in the Arctic: WP leader and participant in WP2: CONSULT; Operational Manager of project.

NCE Aquaculture project 2015: A-BALANSE: Development of methods for evaluating area-planning og the development process for aquaculture localities in Norwegian coastal municipalities. (In Norwegian: Metodeutvikling for evaluering av arealplanleggings- og utviklingsprosessen for havbrukslokaliteter i norske kystkommuner.)

NRC 2014-2017: STARR: Sustainable aquaculture – regulation and reputation; WP leader and participant in WP3: Study of the relationship between the industry and supervisors/regulators.

EU 2013-2017: OCEAN-CERTAIN: Ocean Food Web Patrol – Climate Effects: Reducing targeted uncertainties with an interactive network; Operational Leader and participant in the Social Science work package

NRC 2013: A.I. CLIMATEMixing Artificial Intelligence and Social Science Methods: Quantifying Stakeholder Perceptions and Vulnerabilities to Climate Change; Project Leader, pre-project

NRC 2012-2015: CINTERA A Cross-disciplinary Integrated Eco-systemic Eutrophication Research and Management Approach; Work Package Leader: Assessing Adaptive Capacity (Conflict)

NRC 2012-2015: JANUS - Modeling an Interdisciplinary Early Warning System for Future Fisheries Scenarios: A socio-bio-economic value-chain evaluation; Work Package Leader: Assessing Adaptive Capacity

EU 2012-2016: MYFISH; participant in the socio-economic packages looking at adaptive capacity of stakeholders to new MSY variations.

NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Research Program 2012: Maximizing the Value of Offshore Aquaculture Development in the Context of Multiple Ocean Uses; Associated Researcher.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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