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  • Saadieh, Raghed; Ksiazek, Michal Tomasz; Grådahl, Svend; Gaertner, Heiko; Sægrov-Sorte, Bendik. (2020) Elkem Thamshavn furnace 1- Gas and temperature measurements. 2020. SINTEF Rapport (2019:00163).
  • Ksiazek, Michal Tomasz; Grådahl, Svend; Saadieh, Raghed; Gaertner, Heiko; Sægrov, Bendik. (2019) Elkem Bjølvefossen furnace 5- gas and temperature measurements. SINTEF akademisk forlag. 2019.
  • Saadieh, Raghed; Kolbeinsen, Leiv. (2014) Slag Refining of Iron with Respect to Phosphorus. 2014.