Background and activities

PhD theme: The impact of the built environment on bicycle route choice and cycling rates in urban areas  

My background is in civil and transportation engineering, and I took my masters in engineering for sustainable development. Project duration: 2014-2018.

Preliminary research questions: 

  • To what extent does new cycling infrastructure cause modal shift, route substitution and new trip generation? 
  • Which network-based indicators best represent entire route choice movements of cyclists and potential cyclists in Norway? 
  • How does the bicycle suitability of a region impact different demographic groups' use of bicycle as a transport means? 

 The purpose of this PhD is to improve understanding of how the urban built environment impacts the willingness to cycle for utility purposes. In particular, those initiatives that are specifically targeted at increasing levels of cycling. 


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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  • Pritchard, Ray; Nguyen Berg, Lan Marie. (2017) Public Lecture on Cycling: "Controversial Conversations in Cycling - Where Disagreement is the Norm". Green Drinks Meeting . Green Drinks Trondheim; Trondheim. 2017-09-07 - 2017-09-07.
  • Pritchard, Ray. (2016) How are cyclists affected by the urban environment? Preliminary results from a pilot study (n=602) of current and future cyclists in Trondheim. Tekna Kursdagene Samferdsel 2016 . Tekna; Trondheim. 2016-01-05 - 2016-01-06.
  • Pritchard, Raymond. (2015) Bicycle route choice data - a synthesis of the literature. European Transport Conference . Association for European Transport; Frankfurt. 2015-09-28 - 2015-09-30.