Background and activities

I am thankfully retired after surviving 43 years of employment in academic institutions.

I do not recommend such a career.  Young people should do something exciting. They could live within the law and build empires,  or go outside the law and become pirates. In the latter case your life may be somewhat shortened.

Currently I am re-organising my software so that it can be installed on top of standard unix facilities on both little and big endian architectures.   The Raspberry Pi system is of interest as a research,  industrial and educational tool.

I have found several hundred thousand lines of code in my archives.  These tools are concerned with image processing,  pattern recognition, computer vision,  grammatical inference,  graph matching  and display.  The oldest code was written in 1979.  Over the years I have developed the tools on ICL 1900, PDP 11, VAX 11/780, IBM PC-XT, Zenith Z150, Zenith Z160, Masscomp 5500, Sun Sparc and modern PC equipment.  The coding carries modification comments dating back to 1982 and commented out overlay procedures to shoe-horn 'large' programs into the PDP 11 address space.  The rise of paging systems is also visible as shared memory access and inter-process communication comes into use from about 1982.  The VAX/VMS conventions are a bit different from Unix conventions and the DEC calls have been largely erased.

The whole lot is coordinated by well over a thousand shell scripts which have been build up since the change from VMS to Unix in 1988.

Software modification is a winter activity.  In the summer there is the opportunity to boil water in a confined space and thereby move along rails.


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