Background and activities

I am working with simulation and modelling of complex fluids and interfacial phenomena in both flowing and static systems.

Numerical simulations are central where both coarse grained molecular simulation (DPD), and  lattice Boltzmann simulations with surfactant have been used. Recently, oil compounds such as asphaltenes, with aggregation and adsorption effects were studied. Another exciting area I have worked on is with surfactant stabilized emulsions in turbulent flow.


My research career began with astrophysics (at the University of Oslo), with the study of turbulent convection and fluid dynamics in the solar interior, and the effects on the dynamics in the solar atmosphere.

Numerical simulations together with observations were used to learn about convection cell dynamics and wave excitation in the solar atmosphere. The heating of the solar corona, the driving of the solar wind, and the internal acoustic oscillations of the Sun is driven partially by such wave dynamics.

The “complex fluid” of the Sun share many parallels with earth-bound fluids, in the sense that it is composed of many interacting species (ions, molecules), and that fliud dynamic processes are very important.

I was fortunate to continue at IFE at Kjeller in 2005 (after two postdocs in Boulder, Colorado), with multi-phase flows (oil/water/gas/sand), and this opened the doors to UL with further exploration of the molecular world.

I was very happy to join Ugelstad Laboratory (UL)  in 2012 as an associate professor, after a period of fruitful collaboration in the FACE centre.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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