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Journal publications


  • Grøv, Eivind; Olsson, Roger; Butler, Saskia. (2016) 8th Nordic Grouting Symposium Oslo, Norway, 26.-27. September 2016. 2016. ISBN 978-82-8208-050-7.
  • Frogner, Erik; Gjelsvik, Vidar; Olsson, Roger; Engen, Siri. (2011) Fjellsprengningsdagen, bergteknikk- og geoteknikkdagen 2011. 2011. ISBN 9788282080279.

Part of book/report

  • Høien, Are Håvard; Nilsen, Bjørn; Olsson, Roger. (2019) Oedometer testing of swelling gouge materials at different water contents. Rock Mechanics for Natural Resources and Infrastructure Development.
  • Alejano, L.R.; Bedi, R.; Bond, A.; Ferrero, A.M.; Harrison, J.P.; Lamas, L.; Migliazza, M.R.; Olsson, Roger; Perucho, A.; Sofianos, A.; Stille, H.; Virely, D.. (2013) Rock engineering design and the evolution of Eurocode 7. EUROCK 2013 – The 2013 ISRM International Symposium – Rock Mechanics for Resources, Energy, and Environment.
  • Bhasin, Rajinder Kumar; Tshering, Tashi; Olsson, Roger. (2012) THE EFFECT OF EARTHQUAKE ON ROCK SUPPORT IN TUNNELS. Tunnelling and Underground Space for a Global Society; World Tunnel Congress 2012; Proceedings.
  • Tshering, Tashi; Bhasin, Rajinder Kumar; Olsson, Roger; Maupin, Valerie. (2011) Numerical analysis of rock support interaction in tunnels in seismic regions. Harmonising Rock Engineering and the Environment.