Background and activities

Sara R. Yazdani holds a PhD in art history and media studies from the University of Oslo, Norway. Her fields of research are modern and contemporary art with a particular focus on the relationships between art, media, technologies, theory of the Anthropocene, media ecologies and process philosophy. Her doctoral dissertation Self-Sufficient Images: Art, Media and Ecologies in the Works of Wolfgang Tillmans explores the materiality and autonomy of the photographic works of Wolfgang Tillmans. Her work has been published in Artforum International, Kunstkritikk, art & education, Objektiv, wuxia as well as in a number of journals and books. In September 2019, the abstract for her PhD disseration was high ranked by the Leonardo Abstracts Service (LABS). LABS is an evolving, comprehensive database of thesis abstracts on topics at the intersections between art, science and technology.


Fall 2019: Media analysis (BA), Department of Art and Media Studies, NTNU. 

Fall 2019: Environmental Humanities: Menneskets tidsalder? (BA). Department of Art and Media Studies, NTNU.

Yazdani currently teaches media theory and environmental humanities at the Department of Art and Media Studies. She has previously thought art theory, media studies, theory of photography, alternative film and media aesthetics at the University of Oslo. 

Yazdani is a member of the Environmental Humanities Research Group at NTNU, Media Aesthetics at the University of Oslo and the Nordic network Sensorium at the Linköping University, Sweden. 


Yazdani holds a PhD in Art History and Media from the Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo (2015-19. She is a former co-leader of the research group Media Aesthetics  at the University of Oslo. In 2016 she was a Visiting Scholar at Humboldt University, Berlin (invited by professor Wolfgang Ernst). Yazdani is also an art critic and has curated a number of art projects and exhibitions. 


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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Part of book/report

  • Yazdani, Sara Elina Rundgren. (2015) Bodily Transformations: The Work of Marius Engh. New Scandinavian Photography.
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  • Yazdani, Sara R.. (2019) Self-Sufficient Images: Art, Media and Ecologies in the Works of Wolfgang Tillmans. 2019.


  • Yazdani, Sara R.. (2019) The Relevance and Possible Limitations of Media Archaeology for an Understanding of the Digital in Contemporary Media Art. Trial Lecture for PhD Defence . University of Oslo; University of Oslo. 2019-09-12.
  • Yazdani, Sara R.. (2016) A Conception of Photography as Media Diagrammatic. Keynote Lecture . Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Medienwissenschaft; Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. 2016-07-06 - 2016-07-06.
  • Yazdani, Sara Elina Rundgren. (2014) The Sculptural Body. The Plantation Journal [Kunstnerisk og museal presentasjon] ; 2014-07-01.