Background and activities

I work as a PostDoc on the ERC “ProstOmics” project in the group of May-Britt Tessem. With my current research I want to contribute to a better understanding of prostate cancer and improve its diagnostics by using big data from a multilevel ‘omics approach. Together with my colleagues I am collecting genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and metallomics data directly from a large cohort of prostate cancer tissue, ideally with spatial resolution, by using modern imaging and high-throughput technologies. Next, we want to integrate and mine this big data set with the help of multivariate statistics and deep learning approaches to find biomarker patterns that are suitable to better and individually predict cancer aggressiveness and recurrence.

I studied biochemistry and did my PhD in structural biology/X-ray crystallography at the Kiel University in Northern Germany. During that time, I mainly researched the structure, function and biological role of proteins related to cancer and the polyamine metabolism. I have a broad multidisciplinary methodological background with a strong emphasize on proteomics, but I am also experienced in many cell biology, molecular biology, and metabolomics techniques. In addition, I have a great interest in modern, computer-based data mining approaches and have acquired a good understanding of some programming and scripting languages.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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