Background and activities

Current Research Activities
  • Fortification of foods with microencapsulated fish oil (OMEGA Project)

  • Product development and Innovation

  • Lipid Oxidation 

Research Areas and Interest
  • Design and development of novel colloidal delivery systems

  • Lipid Oxidation in Emulsion Systems

  • Encapsulation of Bioactives

  • Food Structure and Stabiity

  • Development of Functional foods

  • Conversion of low-value food processng by-products into high value nutritious ingredients

  • Utilisation and functionality of neglected pulses

  • Tanase Food - (Mar/2020-Oct/2021) Research Scientist, Lagos, Nigeria-• Food innovation, product development, food structure, food colloids and stability, utilisation of neglected plant protein sources, food regulatory affairs, food quality and safety.

  • Riddet Institute, Massey University - (Oct/2019-Dec/2019) Junior Research Officer, Palmerston North, New Zealand - UHT dairy whipping cream processing (pilot plant scale) and analysis. • Research focused on effect of processing and formulation on properties (rheological/ structural) and stability of UHT dairy whipping cream.

  • Riddet Institute, Massey University - (May/2019-Oct/2019) Research Assistant, Palmerston North, New Zealand -Emulsion structure characterisation and stability. • Protein analysis and characterisation.

  • Riddet Institute, Massey University - (Sept/2015-Aug/2019) PhD Researcher, Palmerston North, New Zealand- Research focused on studying the formation, structural characteristics, oxidative stability, and plausible applications of droplet-stabilised emulsions (a novel emulsion).