Background and activities

Research interests lie at the intersection between social needs, environmental responsibilities, and economic feasibility for sustainable transition to smart, circular built environments. My passion for sustainable communities and neighborhoods involves a work history throughout Australia, Scandinavia, and the Middle East, working for both private practice, government, and university.


  • 2008 Master of Urban Design, University of Sydney, Australia
  • 2005 Bachelor of Science (Architecture), University of New South Wales, Australia
  • 1996 Bachelor Business (Economics), University Technology Sydney, Australia


  • E-ZEMCONs - Ecosystem for Zero Emission Construction Sites
  • SSB - Smart Circular City
  • SCGP - Smart City Guidance Package
  • BH4S - Business Hub for Sustainability
  • NGV - Network for Green Growth
  • CapSEM - Capacity Building in Sustainability and Environmental Management
  • SISVI - Sustainable Innovation & Shared Value Creation in Norwegian Industry
  • RoadCSR - Road-map Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility


  • 2016-2018 - Appointed member for Residential Design Review Panel at Wollongong City Council. Provision of expert design advice relating to Apartment Design Guide (ADG).
  • 2008-2011 - Appointed Design Review Panel Member at Department of Planning and Environment. Provision of expert design advice for Strategic Development and Strategic Infrastructure Projects in State of New South Whales, Australia.
  • 2008-2009 - Design Excellence Competition Panel Member and Chair, City of  Parramatta.


  • E-ZEMCONs Report on Non-Road Mobile Machineries (NRMM) related emissions, & current procurement strategies. December 2019. Authors: Shannon Truloff, Xinlu Qiu, Magnus Sparrevik, Amia Enam and Luitzen de Boer.
  • E-ZEMCONs Early Market Dialogue Guidance for Innovative Procurements of Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMMs) (Beta version). July 2020. Main Author: Shannon Truloff. Contributing Authors: Magnus Sparrevik (NTNU), Luitzen de Boer (NTNU), Bellona.Org, EIT Climate KIC.
  • Sustainable Circular Municipality,19.12.2019. Author: Shannon Truloff.
  • Working Paper for Circular Economy Indicators in Solid Waste Management for Ålesund Region.19.12.2019. Authors: Shannon Truloff, Arron Wilde Tippett, Erlend Homme Falklev.
  • Truloff, Shannon, Chapter 4. Spatial Coordination, in J. Borsboom van Beurden, J. Kallaos, B. Gindroz, S. Costa, R. Maio, J. Riegler, Intermediate Beta version January 2018. Smart City Guidance Package for Integrated Planning and Management: Planning and implementation of Smart City projects, EIP-SCC & NTNU.
  • Shannon Truloff contributing author in final publication May 2019. J. Borsboom van Beurden, J. Kallaos, B. Gindroz, S. Costa, J. Riegler, Smart City Guidance Package: A Roadmap for Integrated Planning and Implementation of Smart City Projects, EIP-SCC & NTNU.


  • Leadership in urban design and promoted high quality, sustainable design projects.
  • Strategic direction and implementation of major infrastructure & development projects.
  • Management, coordination, and direction of trans-disciplinary teams.
  • Stakeholder management, contract management, business development and client management.



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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