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Journal publications

  • Tylleskär, Ida; Skulberg, Arne Kristian; Nilsen, Turid; Skarra, Sissel; Jansook, Phatsawee; Dale, Ola. (2017) Pharmacokinetics of a new, nasal formulation of naloxone. European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. vol. 73 (5).
  • Skulberg, Arne Kristian; Tylleskär, Ida; Skarra, Sissel; Dale, Ola. (2015) Biotilgjenglighet og effekt av nalokson som nesespray sammenliknet med intramuskulær injeksjon. NAForum. vol. 28 (3).
  • Tylleskär, Ida Karin; Skulberg, Arne Kristian; Nilsen, Turid; Skarra, Sissel; Jansook, Phatsawe; Dale, Ola. (2014) Biotilgjenglighet av nalokson som nesespray- grunnlaget for fremtidig prehospital bruk. NAForum. vol. 27 (3).
  • Berg, K; Haaverstad, Rune; Skarra, Sissel; Pleym, Hilde; Basu, S; Langaas, M; Brurok, Heidi. (2009) The Effect Of Preoperative Withdrawal of Acetylsalicylic Acid (ASA) on Oxidative Stress in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Operations. Free Radical Biology & Medicine. vol. 47.
  • Berg, Kirsti; Haaverstad, Rune; Astudillo, Rafael; Bjørngaard, Mads; Skarra, Sissel; Wiseth, Rune; Basu, Samar; Jynge, Per. (2006) Oxidative stress during coronary artery bypass operations: Importance of surgical trauma and drug treatment. Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal. vol. 40 (5).
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  • Berg, Kirsti; Wiseth, Rune; Bjerve, Kristian S; Brurok, Heidi; Gunnes, Sigurd; Skarra, Sissel; Jynge, Per; Basu, S. (2004) Oxidative stress and myocardial damage during elective percutaneous coronary interventions and coronary angiography - A comparison of blood-borne isoprostane and troponin release. Free radical research. vol. 38 (5).
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  • Falck, Geir; Schjøtt, Jan; Bruvold, Morten; Krane, Jostein; Skarra, Sissel; Jynge, Per. (2000) Hyperosmotic perfusion of the beating rat heart and the role of the Na+/K+/2Cl- co-transporter and the Na+/H+ exchanger. Basic Research in Cardiology. vol. 95.
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  • Falck, G; Skarra, Sissel; Jynge, Per. (1999) Cardiac contractile function and electrolyte regulation during hyperosmolal stress: an experimental study in the isolated rabbit heart. Pharmacology and Toxicology. vol. 84.
  • Falck, Geir; Skarra, Sissel; Jynge, Per. (1998) Hyperosmotic perfusion of the rat heart and the role of the Na+/K+/2CICO-Transporter and the Na+/H+ exchanger. Pathophysiology. vol. 5(S1).

Part of book/report

  • Berg, Kirsti; Haaverstad, Rune; Astudillo, R; Bjørngaard, M; Wiseth, Rune; Brurok, Heidi; Basu, S; Jynge, Per; Skarra, Sissel; Bjerve, Kristian S. (2005) Oxidative stress during coronary artery bypass operations is multifactorial:Possible roles of surgical trauma and drug treatment. Oxidative stress and the ischemic heart: A study in patients undergoing coronary revascularization.