Background and activities

Stefano is currently a PhD candidate in the Structural Dynamics group at the Department of Structural Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU. His main task is to focus, within the broader field of the structural dynamics of railway catenary systems, on the understanding and improving prediction models in local wear of contact lines. This will be beneficial in terms of better utilization of existing infrastructure and help in the development of new ones. It is, indeed, especially desirable to consider the possibilities of increasing the speed of the Norwegian network up to 250 km/h while maintaining a system with high levels of robustness and reliability. His research activity includes both numerical analyses and field measurement studies.


Research group

Structural Dynamics


Professor Anders Rønnquist, NTNU

Associate Professor Ole Øiseth, NTNU

Professor Andrea Collina, Politecnico di Milano

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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