Background and activities


Research statement

Building bridges between biologists and computers has been my research focus since 2002.

My most important work is a user-friendly tool (VSM) that helps biologists manually collect and encode any kind of information from the scientific literature, into a computable form. This single interface can capture the findings from diverse research topics, in full detail, and can be applied to any biological domain, and other research domains as well.

It is my research goal to:

  • apply this tool to new research niches, other than the ones we already tested it in;
  • connect its theoretical basis to current semantic technologies so one can benefit from inferencing and AI tools;
  • develop a shared, interdisciplinary, open platform (SciCura) where scientists can transform the conclusions of any scientific publication into a computation-ready form.

I am continuously on the lookout for new partnerships or support for this broadly applicable information-capturing tool and project. This technology can undoubtedly assist the many research projects who face the problem of gathering and integrating information from literature. New applications also serve as a stepping stone to mature it and fulfill its potential for global applicability.

To read more about the research field, the tool VSM, and the SciCura web-platform, see


My background

Education: MSc in Physics, MSc in Computer Science,  Full-Stack Web Developer.
Research: PhD in Computational Biology, PostDoc at NTNU, Associate researcher for NTNU, Researcher at NTNU.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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