Background and activities

  • My RG score is 19,88 («Your score is higher than 70% of ResearchGate members») and have published myself within many of NTNU´s faculty areas. I have built up and managed research units within as well the industrial as the university sector and have been and is referee for scientific journals and some larger international scientific conferences.
  • I have been professor in Sweden, Germany and Norway within innovation and product development and have been declared competent to be professor in e.g. business development. Initially I became a PhD in Physics and then a docent in innovation technique in Sweden.
  • I have worked gone in and out of the academic system. Therefore I have experiences from different environments. For more information, have a look at my CV or my Linkedin page.
  • I have a wide contact web within the research society, Rotary Inernational and the industrial sector. E.g. I am by the Rotary Foundation appointed Paul Harris Fellow with the motivation: «In appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among peoples of the world.»
  • My practical specialties is entrepreneurship and change management.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


Part of book/report

  • Ottosson, Stig Roland; Zaslavskyi, Vladimir. (2020) Visualize What to Be Coded Before Programming. 2019 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Trends in Information Theory (ATIT).
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  • Ottosson, Stig Roland. (2017) The Road to Paradigm Shift with Dynamic Management. Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Integrated Design Engineering.
  • Ottosson, Stig Roland; Kolla, Sri Sudha Vijay Keshav. (2017) Which Product Development Method is Best for Need-based New Product Development?. Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Integrated Design Engineering.
  • Björk, Evastina; Ottosson, Stig Roland. (2016) Cross-Professional Cooperation in a University Setting. Universal Design 2016: Learning from the past, designing for the future. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Universal Design (UD 2016), York, United Kingdom, August 21–24, 2016.
  • Ottosson, Stig Roland; Skogsrød, Torbjørn. (2016) Some Experiences from Using 3D-printing in the Modelling of a New Product. NordDesign 2016.
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