Background and activities

Areas of speciality/fields of responsibilityMy background is in the field of molecular genetics of microorganisms (prokaryotes) and I have several different reserach projects in this field. Much of the research is collaborative, particularly with SINTEFs group for biotechnology and the foundation NOBIPOL,  that focusses on biopolymer research.  At the moment (June 2009) the following areas are the most active:

1. Systems Biology. I am a coordinator of a European project in this field, and it is alginate synthesis in the bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens that is used as a model system.

2. Recombinant protein expression. We study both high level expression for production of proteines and tightly regulated expression at physiological levels for use in metabolic engineering and Systems Biology.

3. Biorpospecting. We have developed tools for expression of genes in DNA that have been collected in natural environments withouht cultivation (which is in most cases not possible) of the respective organisms. The idea is that one via this methods is able to study a much greater fraction of the total gene mass in nature, and thereby more easily can find genes of scientific or applied interest.

Teaching is in the field of Molecular Genetics (see TBT4145)  at all levels from basic to PhD level courses.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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