Background and activities

Research interests

My main interests are in mathematics and software for geometric modelling. Traditionally this is seen as the fundament for computer-aided design and manufacturing systems. The same mathematics and software is now used extensively for computer games, special effects on film and TV, and in some cases even for full feature films.

In recent years there has been a growing recognition that geometric modelling, as used in CAD / CAM systems, is a suitable starting point for observation, simulation, analysis and control of moving machinery, linked mechanisms not least. Linked mechanism can represent cranes, robots, humans, and many other objects.

Currently, my interests are focused on instrumentation of clothing, with the long term goal that humans and machinery should work together, side by side, for instance handling heavy goods. Software then needs to communicate between separate units, which is done by Internet communication.

The concepts used are well suited for mechatronics in general; mechanical products with embedded computers and digitally controlled activators and measuring instruments. Hopefully this will one day combine well with an additional interest in automatic picture processing.

Software development is done in the "C++" programming language, mainly under the "Linux" operating system and in most cases with a graphical user interface based on "Qt" libraries.


I give two courses, both related to mathematics and software for geometric modelling applied to remote surveillance and control of mechanical devices: TMM4130 "Product Development and IT" and TMM4850 "Experts in a Team, Instrumentation and Control via Internet".


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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  • Fjeldaas, Sven. (2013) Computer Vision Supported by 3D Geometric Modelling. Proceedings of IWAMA 2013 - The Third International Workshop of Advanced Manufacturing and Automation.
  • Fjeldaas, Sven. (2011) Online clothing. MITIP 2011 The 13th International MITIP Conference The Moderne Information Technology in the Innovation Processes of the Industrial Enterprise.