Background and activities

As coordinator of the Norwegian Research School in Neuroscience (NRSN) I am based in the research office of the medical faculty at NTNU. In my role as advisory member of the NRSN board, I organise and facilitate a variety of courses, summerschools and an annual conference for PhD students in Neuroscience of our partner institutions. 

I am having an academic background in psychology and educational science and working experience in advisory positions in higher education in Germany (2002-2005), the UK (2005-2007) and the Netherlands (2010-2016).

After shaping the Graduate School for Humanities (GSH) at Radboud Universiy, Nijmegen with a clear focus on language studies and psycholinguistics, I continued as coordinator of the Donders Graduate School for Cognitive Neuroscience (DGCN). Since September 2016 I am working at NTNU.