Background and activities

Project affiliations:

Currently Visiting Scholar at the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities with the project "Humanoid Oceans":

"The high seas and the deep oceans: Representations, resources and regulatory governance" (3ROceans). 3roceans project at NTNU.

HAVANSVAR Humanities Ocean Initiative – NTNU Oceans Pilot on Ethical, Social and Cultural aspects of Ocean Research and Innovation.

Post-doc Research project HUMANOID OCEANS

The project ‘Humanoid Oceans’ examines the historical development of the Law of the Sea and its potential importance for modern-day decision-making. The project develops a hypothesis in which the oceans are on the brink of turning against humankind. Overfishing, ocean acidification and climate change have altered the oceans, and the humanoid oceans have the potential to strike back if we do not start using and shaping them more carefully. The project identifies four main themes through which we can examine the evolution, problems and potential of ocean governance. These thematic strands are nature, law, practice and people.  

The project hopes to illuminate the complexity of ocean governance, and to identify outstanding issues by using historical evidence and processes.

PhD project (finished)

The project dealt with the United Nations Law of the Sea Convention (1958-1982) and Elisabeth Mann Borgese as a key figure in the negotiation process.

The research for the dissertation was done as part of the NTNU Oceans Deep sea mining pilot. The Deep sea mining pilot is a multidisciplinary project that bridges technologies and sciences at NTNU.

Research interests

Environmental history, history of technology, transnational history, legal history, ocean mining, history of ideas, common heritage of mankind, Elisabeth Mann Borgese


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

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  • Meyer, Tirza. (2018) Elisabeth Mann Borgese Deep Ideology. 2018. ISBN 9788232635566. Doctoral Thesis (2018:384).
  • Meyer, Tirza. (2014) The fear of the crowd - A matter of the obscure other? - The debate about universal suffrage in Norway in 1897/1898. 2014.