Background and activities

Tommy Kleiven is a professor in architecture and teaches within the international master programme of Sustainable Architecture at NTNU Faulty of Architecture and Design. His main teaching and research interest is within sustainable architecture and neighbourhoods. He has a special interest in passive energy design where the architecture itself responds to the programme, site and climate to utilise passive strategies to help achieve zero emission and plus energy buildings and neighbourhoods. Kleiven has a background from research within the field of low energy architecture (8 years at SINTEF) where he led and participated in several national and international research projects. He has also worked as a consultant in the private industry (8 years) and led an architectural office (3 years at tegn_3 architects) were he was responsible for several low energy and plus energy buildings within the fields of education, health and housing.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Andresen, Inger; Kleiven, Tommy; Ryghaug, Marianne; Malvik, Bjarne. (2007) Smarte energieffektive bygninger. Tapir Akademisk Forlag. 2007. ISBN 9788251922371.

Part of book/report

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  • Kleiven, Tommy; Aschehoug, Øyvind; Wyckmans, Annemie. (2005) Double Facades at High Latitudes - Some User Experiences. Proceedings. Glass in Buildings 2.



  • Formolli, Matteo; Kleiven, Tommy; Lobaccaro, Gabriele. (2021) Solar Accessibility at Neighbourhood Scale: An Analysis to Assess the Impact of Densification in Nordic Built Environment. ISES Solar World Congress 2021 ; 2021-10-25 - 2021-10-29.
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