Background and activities

PhD in the MR Cancer-group at ISB, NTNU. Exploring metabolic differences in breast tumor tissues using MR spectroscopy.


2009 – 2011:               MSc in Biotechnology (NTNU)

Master thesis: “Development of Expression Systems and Cultivation Conditions for Production of Heterologous Proteins in Pseudomonas” (Collaboration with SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Department for Biotechnology)

2006 – 2009:               BSc as Biomedical Laboratory Scientist (Sør-Trøndelag University Collage, Norway)

Bachelor thesis: ”The effect of gastrin on MP1protein level in AGS2 cells” (Collaboration with Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

2005 – 2006:               Biomathematics (1. year of BSc) (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)



Breast tumors are heterogeneous with varying pathology between patients. Even with the same diagnosis and treatment, patients can experience differences in response. By studying the metabolism in breast tumors we wish to identify biomarkers that can improve diagnosis and treatment and predict prognosis for breast cancer patients. To find the metabolic profile in tissue samples we use high-resolution magic angle spinning MR spectroscopy (HR-MAS MRS).

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