Background and activities

Assosiate professor at NTNU University Museum since 2006, and I was Head of Department (Department of Natural History) 2010-2018.

My research interests are in systematics and biogeography of marine invertebrates, particularly of polychaete worms (Polychaeta) and sea slugs (Nudibranchia). The main interest is in phylogeny, taxonomy and distribution, but I do also have a broad interest in faunistics and biodiversity of marine invertebrates in general, in Norwegian waters, coastal as well as deep-sea. Part of my research is linked to NTNU's strategic thematic area Ocean Science and Technology, and the AUR-lab.

I am currently teaching in the courses "Faunistics and floristics" (BI1002) (marine part), "Marine biodiversity" (BI2036) and "Enabling tehcnology for marine studies (BI3070). I supervise master and PhD students in systematics and in marine biology, the latter often as a part of the AUR-lab.

Scientific collections
I am senior curator and responsible for the Museum's collections of marine invertebrates.

Current research projects:

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Scientific, academic and artistic work

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