Background and activities

Postdoc Smart Maritime WP4 - Hybrid propulsion, Integrating new power sources for marine power plants.


Torstein I. Bø holds a Master of Science degree in marine technology from NTNU with specialization in marine cybernetics and a PhD in Engineering Cybernetics from NTNU with the title “Scenario- and Optimization-based Control of Marine Electric Power Systems”.


He will contribute with his modelling and control expertise into the power systems and fuel project (WP3). The first milestone will be to establish a model of the hybrid power lab at NTNU, which is a joint laboratory of NTNU, Marintek, and ABB.


This model will be thoroughly verified with data from the lab. The models will be used to investigate the potential in fuel and emission reduction by different hybrid power system solutions. This can be combination of diesel electric and diesel mechanic propulsion, AC and DC distribution, and combinations including energy storage such as batteries.


The models will also be used to establish model based controllers, for optimal load and energy management of hybrid marine electric power plants.


This postdoc is supervised by Associated Professor Eilif Pedersen at NTNU department of marine technology.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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