Background and activities

Position:   Professor of paediatrics (Perinatal and paediatric epidemiology)          

Main field of research:

Perinatal and paediatric epidemiology.

Since 1985 I have studied various aspects of prematurity and intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), with emphasis on growth and development. In a Scandinavian multicenter study on causes and consequences of IUGR sponsored by NIH, I studied the consequences of environment and growth patterns in utero and in early infancy for later health and development . I was among the first to report that smoking exposure in utero was a risk factor for overweight in early childhood. Moreover, I am senior member and co-founder of the perinatal injury group

Around 2002 I founded the Norwegian CP registry, and the registry is now one of a few national health quality registries. Since 2006, after ending my period as academic dean, my main research has therefore been on CP etiology, clinical picture and co-morbidity, and this activity has had a steep increase, as reflected in the activity of our CP-research group:

Medical education:

I have a special interest in educational issues: My main positions since 1986 have been as teacher in paediatrics. I was elected academic dean in 2002-2006. During this period I revised the medical curriculum and conducted  educational projects aiming at improving specialist education in paediatrics, anaesthesiology, child- and adolescent psychiatry, general psychiatry and geriatrics. I have also published a couple of papers on medical education. Finally, I have participated in the assessment of Medical Schools in Sweden, and the medical curriculum at Oslo University.


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