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Areas of speciality/Fields of responsibility

Research activities are mainly marine oriented. In fish chemistry the research is focused on protein and lipid chemistry related to fish processing and changes in fish quality.

Characterization of the properties of muscle proteins and enzymes is an important topic.  Marine lipids is also an important field of research, especially focussed on the stability of lipids/ lipid oxidation. We study the influence of different parameters/factors that are important for fish quality, such as the effect of handling stress on fish quality. We also study the effect of different storage regimes on the quality of fish and marine products (freezing, thawing, superchilling etc.). Many different methods are being used, both physiochemical methods but also modern instrumental methods. Characterisation of marine by-products with regard to increased utilisation of this raw material is also an important field. We also work with seaweed - how processing and storage affects the composition and properties.


  • TBT4125 Food Chemistry, 
  • BT3110 Aquatic food processing and technology,
  • BT3119/BT8119 Food chemistry advanced,

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