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Background and activities

I am currently doing research upon the use of strength training as a tool in the rehabilitation of chronic pain in the neck and lower back.

Current research project :

I am currently involved in a research project designed to increase the knowledge about, and hopefully improve, the rehabilitation process of patients with long lasting pain in the neck and/or low back. The study will be two randomized, controlled trials, and is scheduled to start during the autumn 2014. The primary purpose is to investigate whether intensive strength training can result in changes in pain, disability, quality of life, general functioning and work ability for the relevant patient group.

Quantitative methods will be used, and outcomes will be assessed using a combination of questionnaires and objective tests.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by mail if you have any questions regarding the project.

Education and work experience:

2014 - PhD candidate at NTNU

2012-2014 : Fagkoordinator at Hysnes Helsefort

2010-2012 : Personal trainer at Elixia Teglgården

2007-2009 : MSc in Exercise Physiology and Sport Science, NTNU

2004-2007 : BSc Sport and Movement Science with a second major in psychology, NTNU

Other areas of interest :
• Strength training and martial arts ( Brazilian Jiu Jitsu )
• Outdoors life
• Music

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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