Background and activities


I am exploring contemporary security environment and how European countries and their armed forces respond to arising challenges in the strategic environment. I also explore the modernisation of armed forces in meeting contemporary security challenges. I explore the specifics of individual services and environments and the development of multi-domain capabilities.

My previous research was devoted primarily to aerial warfare and the conceptual component of fighting power.  I investigated factors shaping air forces’ thinking on how to use air power in various operating environments (PSO, COIN, conventional warfare). The main emphasis was placed on the British air power and doctrine writing at the Royal Air Force.

Previously, I held the position of Lecturer of Military History at the Department of History, Maynooth University (Ireland). There, I taught various courses for the Military College of the Irish Defence Forces. I received my PhD from the University of Hull (UK), exploring the subject of ‘The Development of RAF Air Power Doctrine, 1999-2013.’ I have taught multiple courses in Politics, International Relations, Global Security, Air Power and Russian Foreign Policy, the University of Nottingham, the University of Hull and Kyiv International University.

My research interests include The Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), Transatlantic security, NATO, defence and strategic studies, contemporary warfare, air power, and military doctrine. My first monograph ‘British Air Power: The Doctrinal Path to Jointery’ (2018) explored the shift from single-service to joint authorship of environmental doctrine and various stages of institutionalisation of jointery in the British Armed Forces. My most recent book ‘Understanding Contemporary Air Power’ (2020) addresses the multi-dimensional complexity of using air power in the contemporary strategic environment.


In terms of supervision, I am interested in supervising a broad spectrum of dissertations in International Relations, European Studies, Security and Defence Studies both within historical and contemporary periods. In terms of methodological approaches, I am more proficient in qualitative research methods, including historiographic analysis, comparative analysis of case studies, content analysis, elite interviewing and focus groups.


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Research Conferences and Talks

31 July 2020                  'Discussion of air power theory and how it applies to USMC force design and the future operating concept' Webinar presentation at USMC TECOM Warfighting Society, USA.

25 June 2019                ‘Air Force-Navy integration: what can joint air power offer navies?’ This research paper was delivered at Kiel International Seapower Symposium 2019, Kiel, Germany.

16 June 2017                ‘RAF Strategic Thinking and Doctrinal Vacuum, 1970-1989’ This presentation was delivered within the Cold War Lunchtime Lectures organised by the RAF Museum at Cosford, UK.

10 November 2016         'The Development of RAF air power doctrine: 1999-2013' This talk was delivered at the University of Wolverhampton as part of “The Trenchard Lectures in Air Power Studies” organised by the Royal Aeronautical Society.

29-30 September 2016    ‘The Future of Air Power: A New Conceptual Component and Public Perception’ This presentation was delivered at the conference “Air Power: Now and the Future” organised by the RAF Museum and the Royal Aeronautical Society.

10 February 2016           'The Development of British air power doctrine' An open talk for the Centre for Conflict, Security and Terrorism at the University of Nottingham.

15-16 April 2015             'The Development Of Intelligence and the ISTAR Role Of Air Power: RAF Doctrinal Discourse' This paper was presented at the conference 'From ‘Shooting the Front’ to Combat ISTAR: The Evolution of Aerial Intelligence and Reconnaissance' at the Royal Air Force Museum (Hendon) in conjunction with the RAF’s Centre for Air Power Studies.

30th March 2015              'Ukrainian-Russian Conflict: the Revival of Classic IR Realism?'  This paper was presented at the 3rd BISA Postgraduate Conference 'Worlds of Inequality' at the University of King’s College.

21-22nd November 2014   'Legitimisation of Russia-sponsored Terrorism in Ukraine' This paper was presented at the conference 'Global Insecurities International Conference 2014' at the University of Bristol.

9-11th June 2014               'Anxiety, as the reality of Ukrainian independence' This paper was presented at the conference 'Politics in Times of Anxiety' at the University of Manchester.

25-27th March 2013        'Australia and New Zealand, New Centres of Stabilisation' This paper was presented at the PSA Annual Conference in Cardiff.

13th March 2013             'Operation GRANBY - The RAF in the Gulf War 1, 1990-91' RAF Historical Society Seminar at the RAF Museum in Hendon.

24th November 2012       'Contemporary Use of Doctrine: The Case of The Royal Air Force' This paper was presented at the PSA Postgraduate Network Conference at the University of Oxford.

13th -14th June 2010          'Public-Private Partnerships and ICT'Collaborative preparation of a report on 'e-services in Europe' EESC workshop in Brussels.

20th – 23rd May 2010        'Language Aspect Of Migration'  Presentation given at the 1st International European Youth Forum on 'National migration from rural to urban areas' Municipality of Esenler, Istanbul, Turkey.

7th February 2010              'Defence Policy of France' Paper presented at lecturers' conference in Kyiv International University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

25th March 2008                'Main grounds of the national nuclear strategy of the UK' Paper presented at a student conference, Kyiv International University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

17th May 2007                   'New challenges and Threats of international relations' Paper presented at a student conference, Kyiv International University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

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Part of book/report

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