Background and activities

I have an Bc in psychology with an spesialisation in work an organisationsal psychology and an master i leraning, behaviour, brain and environment (psykology) at NTNU. I have a broad interest in the field of psychology. some of my main interest include merges, leadership influence, green organisational development, pro-environmental behaviour, as well as expertise and factors related to high achivement. Currently i am a PhD candidate in Work and organisational psychology in an interdisiplinary reserch group MEATigation. My project "Emotions and sustainable meat- an exploratory study of sustainable change agents experienced drive and barriers towards a sustainable meat inudstry in Norway". The Meatigation objects are related to the potential of climate mitigation thorugh sustainable meat provision (farming, grocery stores, resturants).  I am also a part of the reserch group Greening organisations at NTNU.