Background and activities

Viviann Hole Pedersen works as a Ph.D. candidate in the FACES research group at the Department of Material Science and Engineering at NTNU. Her research involves wet chemical synthesis of ferroelectric thin films with a focus on understanding the connection between different synthesis parameters, strain, and ferroelectric properties of the thin films. Strain in thin films has been shown to influence the thin film properties, like the piezoelectric effect, and hence also its possible applications. A good understanding of the strain effect is therefore important for future use of lead-free ferroelectric materials. To investigate strain several techniques will be used including X-ray diffraction measurements of both ex situ and in situ crystallization of the thin film under different processing parameters.



Viviann Hole Pedersen has a Master in Nanotechnology from NTNU (2019). The title of the thesis was «Hydrothermal synthesis of SrxBa1–xNb2O6 on nanostructured substrates» and the main supervisor was Mari-Ann Einarsrud. The work was connected to the FASTS-projects and the doctoral work is a continuation from the master with a direction change to thin film research.