Background and activities

PhD topic

Control and Online Decision Support of Crane Operations for Fixed and Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

  • Supervisor:          Roger Skjetne   (IMT, NTNU)
  • Co-Supervisors:   Zhen Gao         (IMT, NTNU)

I am working on an exciting topic to enhance the safety and cost-efficiency during the wind farm mating operation. 

Research topics
  • Build control plant model for marine lifting operation.
  • Real-time estimation of relevant loads and payload position.
  • Design controllers to precisely locate the payloads and verify it through experiments.
  • Consider fixed-to-floating, floating-to-fixed, and floating-to-floating installation operations.
  • Consider coordination between the DP control system and the crane operation, in order to make the operation more robust to a varying sea-state and incoming wave loads.
Industrial goal
  • Design real-time robust controllers for the mating and positioning operations during wind turbine installation.
  • Improve the weather limits during lifting and mating operations.
Scientific question
  • Influence of wave-induced motion to the crane operation;
  • Underactuated system; 
  • High lifting; 
  • Robust control; 
  • Model-free control.
  • Attempt to study vessel-based installations, not commonly jackup-based.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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