Background and activities

Zhitao Huang is postdoc researcher at Department of Biotechnology and Food Science, working on the RASbiome Project which called microbial management in RAS for sustainable aquaculture production. The project aims to improve the sustainability and biosecurity in fish production in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) by improved microbial management and use of innovative biological water treatment. New biological treatment strategy, partial nitritation anammox (PNA) is being tested and implemented in RAS, trying to obtain close to complete removal of nitrogen compounds from the water.
Zhitao holds a Ph.D in aquaculture engineering (2013), Master of fishing technology(2007) and Bachelor of fishery science degree(2004) from the Ocean University of China(OUC), Qingdao,China. Since 2013, he has worked as a postdoc reseacher, asisstant professor and associate professor in Fishery College in OUC. His focous is on land-based RAS design and optimization, especially on biological treatment (nitrification, aerobic denitrification, partial nitritation anammox) for RAS, microbial water quality and community, Fish health and welfare of production in RAS.