Strategic Research Area 2014–2023


Research centres

The research is multi-disciplinary and comprised of eight goal-oriented research communities.


Smart Energy Efficient Buildings

This research community works to develop new knowledge, integrated solutions, and technology that renders it possible to meet the energy needs related to buildings with considerably reduced resource consumption and environmental impact.

Electrical power lines

Electric Energy and Energy System Analysis

The Energy System Analysis group looks for solutions to issues concerning the transition to a sustainable and flexible energy infrastructure.


Energy and Society

The Research Group for Energy, Transportation and the Environment contributes to the strengthening of our knowledge basis for a more environmentally friendly energy regime in Norway and internationally.

Gas flame

The Gas Technology Centre

The center seeks to exploit the synergism of multidisciplinary research into the natural gas value chain. The center is the largest natural gas research- and educational center in Norway. The Gas Technology Center (GTC) unifies the combined efforts of The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF).

Virtual reality lab -- Integrated operations

Better Resource Utilization (BRU)

NTNU and SINTEF have invested much time and energy developing a new strategic plan and organizing task forces for petroleum exploration and production The plan identifies four key areas for research in the years to come: Finding and Producing; Drilling and Subsea Technology; Integrated Operations in the Petroleum Industry; and Arctic Technology.

Industrial Ecology Group

NTNU’s Industrial Ecology Group (IndEcol) study the material side of the economy and society and investigate how resource use contributes to welfare, as well as how and where the environmental impacts occur. Our teaching and research activities bridge technology and the social sciences.

The Norwegian Hydropower Center

The Norwegian Hydropower Center aim to secure and develop the education and research within hydropower technology. The center cooperates with universities, research centers, the Norwegian hydropower business and public authorities. The interdisciplinary cooperation between the hydropower industry and academia will secure; access to specialized competence, relevant technical content and R&D on a high international level.

Contact Persons

Energy and Society
Marianne Ryghaug

Sustainable buildings
Arild Gustavsen

Electric Energy and System Analysis
Erling Ildstad

Renewable Energy
Gabriella Tranell

Gas Technology Centre
Hilde Venvik

Petroleum and Resource Utilization
Jon Kleppe

CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS)
Olav Bolland

Hydrogen technology
Hilde Venvik

Industrial Ecology
Anders Strømman

The Norwegian Hydro Power Centre
Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug