Strategic Thematic Area 2014–2023


Gas Technology Center - North Sea RiggThe Gas Technology Center

The center seeks to exploit the synergism of multidisciplinary research into the natural gas value chain. The center is the largest natural gas research- and educational center in Norway.

The Gas Technology Center (GTC) unifies the combined efforts of The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF).

Key facts:

  • At NTNU, the Center has the combined resources of 203 researchers, totaling an effort of 150 active man-years. This includes 53 professors, 153 PhD students, and 16 post doctoral fellows.
  • Research is performed at five faculties at NTNU.
  • 80-90 per cent of the research is externally funded. The main contributors are Research Council of Norway (NFR) and the Norwegian industry.
  • Internal and external resources total NOK 100 million per year.
  • There is an infrastructure of high-quality research laboratories. Three of these are Marie Curies Training sites.
  • 100 MSc ( students graduate every year.

Additional information: