Research Activity

Research activity from NTNU Energy Team Hydrogen

Research Groups  
MARIT laboratory Marine Electrification Research Lab
Materials theory group The group performs simulations at the atomistic scale using both electronic structure calculations (DFT) and classical molecular mechanics (MM)
Micro and Nanoscale Design The Micro- and Nanoscale Design group addresses functional materials from the nano- to the mesoscale. 

Focuses on the physics of porous media using experimental, theoretical and computational methods

The Pollet Research Group Hydrogen Energy and Sonochemistry Research
The Combustion Kinetics Group Numerical and experimental aspects of combustion science
The Electrochemistry Group Electrochemical Energy, Corrosion and Surface Science and Electrolysis
Thermodynamics This research group is concerned with understanding the mechanisms behind conversion of energy.

White paper

Hydrogen i fremtidens lavkarbonsamfunn (pdf.). The white paper is in Norwegian.

Research activity

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