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Development and integration of a renewable and sustainable energy supply is a key challenge for the world community. NTNU commits itself to contribute to such a transition by minimizing the ecological footprint in developing the existing resources, and to massively invest in research related to renewable energy sources, storage solutions, energy consumption and transportation.

Strategic Initiatives

  • The electric energy system of the future
  • CO2-Capture and Storage (CCS)
  • Green Innovation
  • Hydrogen Technology
  • NanoLab and Energy Research

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Projects and centers

Research centres
SmartBuild Smart Energy Efficient Buildings Arild Gustavsen
EENS Electric Energy and Energy System Analysis Erling Ildstad
CES Centre for Energy and Society Marianne Ryghaug
GTC Gas Technology Center Maria Fernandino
BRU Better resource utilization Jon Kleppe
IndEcol Industrial Ecology Group Anders Strømman
NVKS Norwegian Hydropower Centre Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug

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Contact Persons

Energy and Society 
Marianne Ryghaug

Sustainable buildings
Arild Gustavsen

Electric Energy and System Analysis
Erling Ildstad

Renewable Energy
Gabriella Tranell

Gas Technology Centre
Maria Fernandino

Petroleum and Resource Utilization
Jon Kleppe

CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS)
Olav Bolland

Hydrogen technology 
Hilde Venvik

Industrial Ecology
Anders Strømman

The Norwegian Hydro Power Centre
Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug