Strategic Research Area 2014–2023


Smart Energy Efficient Buildings (SmartBuild)

The project aims at developing new knowledge, integrated solutions, and technology that renders it possible to meet the energy needs related to buildings with considerably reduced resource consumption and environmental impact.

The principal idea is that the development and implementation of smart, energy-efficient buildings requires a focus on the entirety only obtained through interdisciplinary co-operation, which is why both architects and engineers as well as social scientists participate in the project. The exchange of competence across disciplines is greatly emphasised.

The project is financed by the Research Council of Norway and has connections to important parties on the Norwegian construction market through direct participation in certain activities, case projects and exchange of information.

Important research fields are:

  • User needs, environmental requirements and strategies for the implementation of smart, energy-efficient solutions
  • Energy systems integrated in buildings and integrated projection
  • Daylight systems, solar cell systems, heat pump systems, energy storage and control and automation

Professor Arild Gustavsen, SmartBygg Manager

Inger Andresen, Coordinator
(+47) 40 64 94 05