Research from NTNU Team Smartgrid

Research from NTNU Team Smartgrid

Research Team Smartgrid

NTNU CINELDI partnership

NTNU is a project partner in CINELDI (Centre for intelligent Electricity Distribution). 

CINELDI develops the electricity grid of the future, CINELDI works towards digitalising and modernising the electricity distribution grid for higher efficiency, flexibility and resilience and CINELDI enables a cost-efficient realisation of the future flexible and robust electricity distribution grid. 

Work packages

NTNU Team Smartgrid is involved in the follwing CINELDI work packages:


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Research projects Team smartgrid

Research project

HONOR - Holistic flexibility market integration of cross sectoral energy sources.

The HONOR Project is an ERA-Net funded research project aimed at development and evaluation of a trans-regional flexibility market mechanism, integrating cross-sectoral energy flexibility at a community-wide level.

NTNU-SINTEF Energi colloquium

The new initiative with joint colloquium series on Digitalization of Power Systems for Department of Electric Power Engineering, NTNU and SINTEF Energy.

Joint colloquiums is organized with aim to ensure a good way of sharing information and advance ideas. It will stimulate collaboration between area experts and specialists and be a practical way of living up to the NTNU-SINTEF motto of being better together.

Thematic Scope, November 2020:

  • Presentation on digitalization of power systems, AI in Energy Informatics by Umit Cali (NTNU)
  • Application of data-driven methods in the power grid; background, theory and examples from prediction modelling in the EarlyWarn project by Christian Andresen (SINTEF)

Research activity