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Tomas Moe Skjølsvold

Tomas Moe Skjølsvold is a NTNU professor at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture (KULT). 

His key research interests are society-wide transformations and transitions. He aims to understand broadly how such transitions unfold, and further, how one can work to make such transitions as democratic, inclusive and responsible as possible. Underlying this is a concern for the way science, technology and society interacts, and how this tends to privilege certain voices and interests, while marginalizing others.

Much of his work on these issues deals with transitions in energy systems. With particular interest in the development of distributed energy systems with a high penetration of small scale renewable energy technology, and what the emergence of such systems might mean for social organization and engagement with the energy system, and with related issues such as the climate change problem. Further, Skjølsvold looks at how such systems, and their associated opportunities and obstacles are interpreted by different actors across different societal arenas. This leads to a focus on the many controversies associated with transitions, acknowledging that society is fraught with competing interests and visions of what a good future might be.

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