Energy Transition Week

The role of natural gas

– Monday February 26th, 2018


This workshop brings together academics and industry to define a research agenda on the future of natural gas.

We would like to involve partners to identify research questions that can lay the fundament for a multi-national project on the role of natural gas in the future energy system.

The workshop will be a mix of 10-15 minutes long keynotes, prepared introductions, and discussion. The outcome will be a draft for a natural gas research agenda. Some of the topics of interest are:

  • Technological capabilities of natural gas as a flexibility option
  • the use of line pack for storage services and demand for these,
  • the flexibility characteristics of gas powered generators with/without CCS
  • The role of hydrogen and CCS in natural gas value chains.
  • New services and market design for flexibility provision in the gas sector.
  • What role will natural gas have in the 1.5 and 2 degree scenarios – in Europe and globally

The workshop will be used to introduce and develop further topics that are critical for the future of natural gas.

This meeting employs a modified Chatham House Rule.  Participants are free to use the information received during the meeting, but specific positions taken by individuals should not be attributed without expressed permission. However, formal presentations, the meeting agenda and the meeting participation list will become part of the public meeting record unless participants request anonymity.

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The workshop agenda is designed to encourage discussion among the participants. We have incorporated a number of different roles for participants, but first and foremost, we view all participants as equal contributors for each session. The workshop will include  2-3 introductions (10-15 minutes long) for each session, some prepared initial comments (3-4 minutes without slides), and the most important part; plenary discussion. A chair will help focus on what we can do to inform the process.

 8:30 Bus Transport from Hotel to Statoil

9:00 Session 1 Welcome, Context and Objectives for workshop 

Chair:  Asgeir Tomasgard (NTNU) / Per Ivar Karstad (Statoil)

Welcome (10 min) Johan Hustad, NTNU / Henriette Undrum, Statoil

The Role of Natural Gas in the Future Energy System – possibilities and challenges, Asgeir Tomasgard, NTNU  (15 minutes)

The role of natural gas in climate gas mitigation, Jae Edmonds, Chief Scientist, Joint Global Change Rsesearch Institute (15 minutes)

Discussion (25 min)

10:10 Session 2: Technological capabilities – What new development is needed for natural gas to play a role in a sustainable energy system?

Chair: Henriette Undrum, Statoil

Introductions (45 min)

  • The value chain perspective: Natural gas, hydrogen and CCS, Mona Mølnvik, Research Director, SINTEF 
  • Technological capabilities for power plants with CCS, Lars Nord, Associate Professor, NTNU
  • Hydrogen value chain, Per Ivar Karstad, Statoil

Initial comments (15min; ~5 minutes each)

  • The US Hydrogen perspective, Katrina Groth, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland
  • The Norwegian perspective on CCS, Ståle Aakenes, Gassnova.
  • The European perspective, Oliver Masssol, IFP

Open Discussion (30 minutes)

11:40 Lunch - 1 hour

12:40 Session 3: Global gas markets and climate mitigation 


Chair:  Magnus Korpås, NTNU

Introductions  (30 min)

  • The global role of natural gas in a climate strategy perspective, Sergey Paltsev, Deputy Director, MIT
  • Shale gas and LNG - effects on global markets, Steven Gabriel, University of Maryland 
  • Global natural gas markets - perspectives from the World Energy Outlook, Johannes Trueby, Senior Energy Analyst, IEA

Innitial comments (15 min ~5 minutes each)

  • Christian von Hirschhausen, DIW Berlin
  • Impact of an Ice-Free Northeastan Passage, Reinhard Madlener, RWTH Aachen
  • Europe and the future of Norwegian natural gas, Morten Anker, Deputy Director General, Ministry og Petrolium and Energy

Open Discussion (40 minutes)

14:10 Break

14:40 Session 4: Policy and acceptance, new services and regulation: What new development is needed for natural gas to play a role. (90 min)

Chair:  Volker krey, IIASA

Introductions (20 minutes)

  • The role of natural gas in the Energiwende, Franizika Holz, DIW Berlin
  • Flexibility from natural gas pipelines, Kjetil Midthun, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF

Initial comments (20 min)

  • Homeownher satisfaction with low-carbon heating technologies, Richard Mndlener, RWTH Aachen
  • Perspective from the gas transport industry, Daniel Muthmann, Head of Corporate Development, Open Grid Europe
  • The economies of shared CCS infrastructure, Oliver Massol, IFP

Open Discussion (35 minutes)

16:00 Break 

16:30 Session 5: Research Needs and Future Directions 

Chair: Asgeir Tomasgard 

What Research Needs Have We Identified? (30 minutes)

  • Observation— Capabilities and technology research needs, TBA, industry
  • Observation—Policy, regulation and new services needs—Robert Ritz, Assistant Director,University of Cambridge
  • Observatio— Global gas markets and mitigation needs—Christian von Hirschhausen, TU Berlin

Reflections (45 minutes)

Discussion of key findings from workshop and the most important research questions going forward. Each participant gets up to 1 minutes for remarks.

Future Directions (10 minutes)
Follow up Asgeir Tomasgard

17:40 Adjourn

18:00 Bus to hotel

19:00 Dinner



Would you like to participate at the workshop? 
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Press contact: Hege Tunstad

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