Info from IT-support at Energy and Process Engineering

When you contact us, always give machinename, roomnumber and telephonenumber.

IT-info for EPT on web:


!!  Store EVERYTHING you need in the Project / Master in your home directory on STUD  !!  Here there are backup!!

DON'T put your files in " My Documents or  Desktop "

Nearest printer in 4th floor is: IEPTPR36

Install printer: \\\printername

For instance : \\\ivt-vatl-ieptpr36 (installs the printer IEPTPR36 in 4th floor).
(Devices and Printers->Add a printer->Add a network wireless..printer->The printer that I…isn't listed->Select a shared printer: Here you write the queuename: for instance: \\\ivt-vatl-ieptpr36 (The printers are marked with yellow notes, here you find the name of the printer)

 In 2nd floor, in the copyroom outside the Dataverkstedet stands studprint-ricoh:   \\\studprint-ricoh

  • Connect laptop ?

NTNU – Has wireless connection in most rooms. Read more of this in

  • Download vpn from:
  • Remember to have the latest Windows Security Updates on your machine and Antivirus.

You find this in \\\progdist\ and

Laptops shall not be connected by cable!

  • You order programs by email, remember roomnumber, machinenumber, telephonenumber.

(Programs outside NTNUs standard, send link where it can be downloaded).

  • Delayed logon? Save all your personal-files at M:\ drive. Files you save at Desktop and My documents, are transferred between you and the server when you log on and off. This causes the delay.
  • General rule: Save all your data at your NTNU stud account !!

Reporting errors and problems: Bring the name of your machine:

The name of the machine in the illustration is: IEPT0362. Then we can solve your problem faster.

Contact IT-SUPPORT on e-mail

Always bring machinename, roomnumber and telephonenumber.

Do you want to install something outside NTNUs standard?

Remember to send a link where the program can be downloaded, or bring a CD, then we can try to fix it.

Help address:

IT-help at Energy- and Process Engineering

Adr: Kolbjørn Hejes v. 1b, VATL*B243A

IT-office in Mazemap


Look in the Intranet too