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Study Level

Course Number

Course Title

Taught in English
Third-year courses, level III TET4135 Energy Systems Planning and Operation Yes
Intermediate course, level II TET4155 Energy Systems No


Specialization Courses, 3.75 ECTS


TEP01 Expired
TEP02 Turbulent Combustion
TEP03 CO2 capture in power plants
TEP04 Gas Turbines and Turbocompressors
TEP05 Thermal Turbomachinery
TEP06 Expired
TEP07 Industrial Heat Engineering
TEP08 Gas processing and LNG
TEP09 Refrigeration systems and components
TEP10 Applied Refrigeration Engineering
TEP11 Dewatering and Drying Engineering
TEP12 Flerfasestrøm - multi phase flow
TEP13 Energy Supply of Buildings
TEP14 Indoor environment and climatization of buildings
TEP15 Building Automation
TEP16 Heat Pump Technology
TEP17 Ventilation for industry, fire and safety
TEP18 Fluids Engineering (7,5 stp)


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